∞ Drone Flight Training and Education

DroneTex will provide all instruction and drone flight training necessary to pilot a UAV. With many hours of flight experience under their belts, our trainers will use their expertise to not only give specific instruction on how to operate the vehicle, but also to provide guidance and information regarding FAA guidelines and how to keep yourself and the vehicle safe.

We want you to have the best experience possible while piloting your rented drone, and being  UAV flight savvy is vital to a successful mission. Therefore, if it is your first time renting a drone from us, we require you take a one hour training session with us.

Have you recently purchased – or are considering purchasing – a drone but don’t feel comfortable flying it on the fly?  We will provide one-on-one educational instruction for you.

Never flown a drone?  Not a problem?  We will instruction on all FAA regulations and guidelines so you can be sure you are flying legally and safely.

Dont have a drone?  Not a problem!  You can use our drones to learn.  We will train you on a state of the are DJI Phantom 2 Vision drone and provide you will proper skills to become and adept flyer.

Topics covered include:

  • FAA regulations and guidelines
  • Safety instructions
  • Aircraft inspection and airworthiness checks
  • Proper flying techniques
  • Photography instructions
  • Videography instructions
  • Emergency landing practice
  • Waypoint education

We offer training and instruction for $75+tax per hour, minimum one hour. Training sessions are scheduled on an individual basis so that we can provide more personal instruction. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!