Wearable Drones

Wearable drones might become a reality thanks to developers of Nixie. It’s more likely, however, to interest adventurers than fashionistas. Nixie is a tiny drone that weighs less than a tenth of a pound and is worn on your wrist. The wrist strap unfolds to become a quadcopter which can fly off to take pictures or videos before returning to you! This sounds perfect for activities that require too much concentration (or too many hands!) to pilot a drone -think rock climbing or mountain biking.

Nixie will have several modes including Boomerang mode, Panorama mode, Follow me mode, and Hover mode. “We’re not trying to build a quadcopter, we’re trying to build a personal photographer,” says project manager Jenna Jovanovic.

There are prototypes and concept renderings are in existence, but the final form of the device is still in the works. Let’s keep an eye on this and see where it goes!

A New Way to Spark It Up

What happens when Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich, and Verity Studios partner to develop a short film featuring quadcopters in a flying dance performance? Introducing “SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters,” a wonderfully orchestrated  four minutes showcasing ten quadcopters moving in sync along with a human to create a whimsical little story. It’s amazing to watch knowing that no CGI, wires, slow-mo or fast-forwards were used; everything you see is real and can be attributed to the quadcopters. Watching such skillful piloting makes me want to go out and practice flying! Watch the video below and see for yourself one of the many ways drones can and will contribute to the entertainment industry.



Learn more about Flying Machine Arena and the making of Sparked:   http://flyingmachinearena.org/sparked/

Drones at University of Texas Football Game

A drone flew over the football stadium at the University of Texas during the team’s home opener (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A drone flew over the football stadium at the University of Texas during the team’s home opener (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well in another attempt to prove their idiocracy, a drone owner flew his personal drone over UT Daryl K Royal Stadium.

People like this are going to ruin drones for the rest of us.  Cities will clamp down regulations harder than the FAA.  Le Sigh.

Let’s work hard to stay educated and pass on the knowledge in order to prevent future mishaps from grounding drones for good!

Drones at Disney?

skellingtonThe idea of The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington coming to life could go from dream to reality thanks to Walt Disney’s plans to implement drones to support and manipulate giant marionette puppets. Disney has drones in mind for other aerial displays as well.

Walt Disney has filed three patents for applications involving drones. The patents are as follows.




The below patent illustration (Aerial display system with marionettes articulated and supported by airborne devices,

US 20140231590 A1, Fig 6) shows several drones will be attached by wires.


Now we just want to see them reenact Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters!