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Latest News

Guiness World Record : Most UAVs Airborne Simultaneously

Intel partnered and put up a dazzling night display of 100 drones swarming to create some incredible after hour displays.  Check the video for what they came up with.   This just goes to show we’re not far away from Disney’s Patented display for drones controlling Macy’s Day Parade style floats.  

TGIFridays cuts off nose to spite the face, drone style

So over the holidays we saw that TGIFridays in the United Kingdom was attempting to create a buzz by having people kiss under a mistletoe-toting drone.  The program started in a Manchester location and was expected to spread across the nation to select locations as well as over seas to the States. Spokeswoman Rachel Waller said: […]

Weird Al Hustles HeliQuads

Weird Al, the purveyor of all things weird and Al’ish, the same man who has parodied songs by everyone from Micheal Jackson to Miley Cyrus, has taken to selling drones.  He appears in a Christmas 2014 ad for RadioShack selling a line of quadcopters created by Interative Toys.  A female customer walks in and requests a HeliQuad (an ultra-basic entry […]

Wearable Drones

Wearable drones might become a reality thanks to developers of Nixie. It’s more likely, however, to interest adventurers than fashionistas. Nixie is a tiny drone that weighs less than a tenth of a pound and is worn on your wrist. The wrist strap unfolds to become a quadcopter which can fly off to take pictures […]