Weird Al Hustles HeliQuads

Weird Al, the purveyor of all things weird and Al’ish, the same man who has parodied songs by everyone from Micheal Jackson to Miley Cyrus, has taken to selling drones.  He appears in a Christmas 2014 ad for RadioShack selling a line of quadcopters created by Interative Toys.  A female customer walks in and requests a HeliQuad (an ultra-basic entry level drone) and Weird Al kicks into action.  By the end of the commercial his pet drone lands on his “gloven” wrist à la a falconer.

At the time of this writing, RadioShack has 9 drones for sale and assuming they are miraculously able to stay in business, I would expect them to grow that offering.

Check out the intentionally borderline annoying performance here:



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